When it comes to roofing especially slate roofing, little mistakes can lead to very big problems and you can be assured of our expertise at all times to avoid these problems.

A E Higs Roofing and Building can help and advise you in the correct slate choice for your roof to avoid colour change, fading or rust stains in the long term.  We can provide natural of synthetic slate and use supplies from companies such as Marley, Redland and SSQ Slate Supplies. 

We can blend slate seamlessly into an existing roof in the event of a repair and during a complete re-roof we ensure that all pallets are opened and the tiles are properly shuffled.  This is to avoid the common mistake of patching as even slate from the same source may have different shades in each pallet due to the location during quarrying.                                                                                                                  

Slate Roof  during install

Slate Roof showing rust stain  

Roof showing unshuffled slates